Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sligo and Killybegs, Ireland, 4/2/2012

Sligo, 08.00 hours, very low cloud, very grey !

First stop is to visit Doorly Park, on the Garavogue River, Sligo.
The light is very poor.

Goldeneye, a pair

Into Sligo where the Garavogue River meets the sea, we see

Little Grebe,
Little Egret
Great Crested Grebe
Black-tailed Godwit

Back up river a bit, back in Doorly Park again, GULLS.

Iceland Gull, 2nd winter, 1
Iceland Gull, 3rd winter, 1
Common Gull, 1
Black-headed Gulls, many

Iceland Gull, 3rd winter and a 2nd winter

Iceland Gull, 3rd winter

Iceland Gull, 3rd winter

Iceland Gull, 2nd winter

Iceland Gull, 2nd winter

Iceland Gull, 3rd winter

Its raining now, no light, into the car, we head off north of Sligo towards Killybegs.

On route, we stop off at Ballygigan, Lissadell Nature Reserve, still raining.
No getting out of the car, observed from the car

Barnacle Geese, 500 +

futher up the coastline we added to our ''numbers'' list

Greenshank, Goldfinch and House Sparrow,

We arrived at Killybegs about midday, the rain has stopped, the sky is clearing a bit.

On the roofs and in the harbour

Iceland Gull, 3rd winter, 1
Glaucous Gull, 1
Great Black-backed Gull
Herring Gull, 1000's here
Black-headed Gull, 1000's

Black Guillemot, 1st winter, 2

 Black Guillemot, 1st winter

 Glaucous Gull

 Iceland Gull, 2nd winter ?

Herring Gull

Its all very distant at this location and despite touring the entire fishing village several times, we could only find 1 Glaucous and 1 Iceland Gull

Its now 16.30 hours and light is fading again.

Rather dissapointed we make a 'BIG DECISION',  Where do we go tomorrow.

Decision made, sat nav set, here we go !

148 miles to Ardglass, County Down, Northern Ireland, a very hard drive, we arrive at 21.00 hours.

On arrival at Downpatrick, 7 miles short of Ardglass, M.S. organises the b and b, the worst sausage and chips you could possibly get, the cooking oil smelt 'grim'.
Day over, in bed asleep by 23.00 hours.

A cracking day and all ready on site for an early start tomorrow ! !

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  1. Great pics Richard, sounds like a standard birding trip!!! :-)