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Baie de Somme, Picardy, France, 21/4/2011

A very early start to the day, M.S., Kevin and I caught the Eurotunnel to Calais and then a 50 mile drive south to arrive at our first intended location, Sailly-Bray, a small village close to the Baie de Somme, Picardy.

08.00 hours, the weather was light rain and dark skies.

M.S., Kevin and I had come here hoping to see Bluethroat, we had seen 5 Bluethroat in this area last September !

Swallow, 2
Great White Egret, 2
Ring-tailed Hen Harrier
Marsh Harrier, 1 male
Kestrel, 1
Lesser Whitethroat, 1
Yellowhammer, 3
White Wagtail, 2
Song Thrush, Mistle Thrush.

There was brief bright spells but most of the time it rained !

No Bluethroat !

About 11.30 hours we moved to our second intended location, Le Foret de Crecy-en-Ponthiew, Picardy.
It continued raining, all viewing was from the car but we was able to find

Crested Tit, 6+
Marsh Tit, 2
Nuthatch, 2
Hawfinch, 2
Great Spotted Woodpecker, 1

The rain and bad light continued

About 14.30 hours we moved to our third location, La Basse, another small village on the Bai de Somme.

It's stopped raining, its getting brighter !

Gargeney, pair
Cattle Egret, 3
Little Egret, 1
Mediterranean Gull, 2 flew over
Common Redstart, 1f
Nightingale, 1, heard only

A photo at last !
Linnet, f

15.30 hours, we move to the final location of the day, Parc de Marquenterre

The clouds have gone, the sun has come out but it is still a cool wind, of interest

Greenfinch, flock of 40+
Spoonbill, 100 +
White Stork, 20 +
Cattle Egret, 1 flew over

 Pochard, m

Pochard, f



 White Stork

                        White Stork

leaving Le Parc du Marquenterre, we had another quick visit to Sailly-Bray where we added

Northern Wheatear, a pair
Corn Bunting, 1

 Northern Wheatear

Corn Bunting
as we drove towards Calais for our return journey

Whimbrel, 5 flew over

The weather was against us a bit but it was still a very good day out seeing a very good selection of birds !
I look forward to a return trip in May and hoping for a bit better weather and hopefully find a Bluethroat !

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