Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Slavonian Grebe, Littlebrook, Kent, 27/1/2013

The day starts cloudy and rain, with it forecast to be brighter day as the day progresses ! !

The Slavonian Grebe is back on the little pool at Littlebrook (right next door to Kev's patch).

M.S., Kev and myself are there at 08.00 hours, it's raining, it's dull, stay in the car time, Kev's off out in the rain to look for Bittern ! ! (seen by one person fly in, never seen again despite a lot of watching )

09.30 hours, the sun has came out, and so have we ! 
The Slav is busy catching fish at the other side of the pool,

10+ Waxwings flew over

Slavonian Grebe

then a spent time resting, preening in the shadows under the trees

Then out fishing again ! ! !

This time catching a ''big fish''. Then followed a 10 minute struggle to swallow the fish !  Stunning to watch !

After getting this fish swallowed the Grebe retreated under the tree in the shadows again for a bit of peace to digest and preen !

The Grebe peace was shattered when a Wood Pigeon came in to perch on a low branch within 4/5 feet then followed an incredible display of annoyance behaviour from the Grebe.

 4 hours observing the behaviour and detail of this superb bird

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  1. Nice images Richard, good to see you Westend boys putting your community service time to good use. lol.