Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Kent & Isle of Sheppey, 31/3 and 1/4/2013

08.00 hours, there is a strong, very cold, east wind, poor light and snow blasting at you !
Mick is out of the car and disappears from view in the snow being driven by this wind, I sit it out in the car.
09.30 hours our East Kent Amigos, SA and TG arrive, it's a tad brighter ! we join Mick and spend a couple of hours watching Peregrines. Rather distant views today.

Next a visit to Reculver for breakfast, weather still very dull, cold and strong wind, it is unpleasant to venture far.

14.00 hours we are now on the Isle of Sheppey,
Elmley marsh,we take a slow drive along the track up to the Reserve, then return.
The light is getting better, but there was not many birds ! Nothing to point the camera.

16.00 hours, high tide at Shellness, the wind is still strong and very cold but the light now has improved, a chance for a bit of photography.

A cracking day out, but that cold wind, a bit on the fierce side !


Monday, Easter Monday ! !    The cold easterly wind is constant again ! !

We repeat our day at the same locations of yesterday,

best of the photographic day !   a Red-legged Partridge on the  Elmley track.

We arrived at Shellness before high tide, less birds before high tide, still very difficult conditions for me to get a photo !

17.00 hours, the constant cold wind beats me !  Retreat !  Back to the car, heater ON !  and wait for Mick.

Then the sun came out, blue sky, still cold wind, Mick stayed out till 19.00 hours and got some smashing photos !

Me ! Happy to sit in the warm car !

Cracking 4 days out !

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