Monday, 7 September 2015

YLG, LBBG, BHG, GBBG, Dungeness, 6/9/2015

Dungeness, by the Fishing Boats, 15.00 hours - 19.00 hours.

lots to see and photograph at Dungeness ! !

Yellow-legged Gull, 1st winter, (the ''interesting Gull at Dungeness'')

Lesser Black-backed Gull, juvenile

Great Black-backed Gull, juvenile

Black-headed Gull, adult

Lesser Black-backed Gull, adult

Herring Gull, 2nd summer, Red Ring: L1GT

Great Black-backed Gull, adult, Black Ring: 34G

Great Black-backed Gull, adult, Black Ring: JP281

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  1. A nice account Richard...............Whilst I make no bones about none of our Gulls being "interesting" (you wouldn't have it any other way) it takes a skill to pull out one individual gull flying in amongst hundreds of others and be able to distinguish slight and subtle plumage details, hence determining one species from another. I cannot do it with images plonked in front of me never mind out in the field (or in your case beach) There are only a handful of people that I know capable of doing this, Mick certainly being one of them. Keep up the good work as the very little knowledge I have of Gulls has been gained from blogs such as yours and Mick's. Regards Steve A.
    P.S payment for this very kind comment can be sent to the usual address (ha ha)