Monday, 18 February 2013

Bonaparte's Gull and Dark-breasted Barn Owl, East Sussex, 16/2/2013

The weather forecast was for a bright day !

M.S., Kevin and myself headed to Eastbourne, East Sussex hoping to take a few images of the Bonaparte's Gull in this decent light !

Well, no decent light, it was grey cloud all day !
Images, all in the bin except one for the blog !
Highlight of the visit was meeting up again with Peter & M and the chat to all others present.

Bonaparte's Gull

14.30 hours, light is deteriorating, nothing more to be gained !

We head of to Rodmell, still in East Sussex, some 20 miles away hoping to see the Dark-breasted Barn Owl. Meeting up here with P.S. who basically wrote the script for what happened next. Cheers Paul !

In the rapidly fading light !

Barn Owl, 3

The Dark-breasted Barn Owl was seen first as it crossed the river, it turned left towards us, hunted along the edge of the reed bed to dive for prey, did not catch anything, then briefly landing on the post in front of us !

We watched both the Dark-breasted and the 2 other Barn Owls until near dark !

Super day out in East Sussex ! !

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