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CALIFORNIA for GULLS, 14th February - 22nd February, 2015 ........... ''DAY 1''

CALIFORNIA, 14th February - 22nd February, 2015

A ''Mostly for Gulls Trip'' to California.
Itinerary organised by Richard Bonser with Mick Southcott,
I am going along to take photographs !

Saturday, 14th February, Mick Southcott and myself met up with Richard Bonser at Heathrow Airport about midday for the 15.00 hours flight to Los Angeles, USA.
We arrived LA, it is now 15.00 hours California time, into car hire, travel north 95 miles to Santa Barbara.

19.00 hours, Santa Barbara we are looking for ''Motel accommodation'',

''Fully booked'', ''fully booked'',
15+ Motels ''fully booked'' ! !

We click ! !     It's Valentines Day ! !
it's now obvious how the Californians spend Valentines Day.

We spent the night in the car ! I had the comfort of the back seat !

However we are on location for Santa Barbara Beach ''Day 1'' Sunday 15th February, 07.00 hours !


Richard's plans for the week are going to take in the coastline of California for ''GULLS''.

Day 1.   Santa Barbara Beach
              Goleta Beach
              Oceano Memorial Park and Pismo Beach
              Morrow Bay, then travel north to

Day 2.  Monteray Bay, Fishermans Wharf and Moss Landings,
             Half Moon Bay, Venice State Beach then travel north to

Day 3.  To based at Petaluma, north of San Fransisco for two nights,
             Bodega Bay, North Salmon Creek and
             the Russian River estuary at Jenner.

Day 5. Head south to Oaklands, Lake Merrit,
            then into San Francisco Golden Gate Park
            afternoon at Venice State Beach, Half Moon Bay again, then travel south to Monteray.

Day 6. Leave Monteray, a detour here inland to Earlimart, to visit the Pixlea Wildlife Refuge Park,
            Head south to Ventura for accommodation, preparation for
            Santa Barbara last day

Day 7. Santa Barbara Beach.
            A wander to the airport for return to LA, evening flight home to Heathrow arriving Sunday,                 22nd February, 15.00 hours.

Topped up at 1800 miles travelled by car, Richard did all driving, ''big thanks''

DAY 1.

07.00 hours, we check out Santa Barbara beach
a bit of sea fog, light not good, so coffee and bagel at Starbucks

08.15 hours, back to Santa Barbara beach, light better, no fog ! !

Heerman's Gull,
California Gull,
Western Gull,
Glaucous-winged Gull,
Ring-billed Gull

Heerman's Gull


Heerman's Gull, 1st winter

California Gull, adult winter

California Gull, 2nd winter

Western Gull, adult winter

Western Gull, 2nd winter

Western Gull 1st winter

Glaucous-winged Gull, juvenile

Ring-billed Gull, adult

Goleta Beach,

Heerman's Gull, 

11.15 hours,  Oceano Memorial Park, Pismo Beach, California

Glaucous-winged Gull, 3rd winter

Glaucous-winged Gull, 1st winter

Western Gull, adult winter

Western Gull, 3rd winter

Western Gull, 2nd winter

Western Gull, 1st winter 

Morrow Bay, 15.30, sea fog, poor light

Western Gull, adult 

fog starts to come in from the sea ! !

Ring-billed Gull, adult

Ring-billed Gull, 2nd winter

Day 2 will follow ! !

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