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''IRELAND for GULLS'' Trip, 6th, 7th & 8th March, 2015, DAY 2, Rossaveal Harbour

''IRELAND for GULLS'' Trip, 6th, 7th & 8th March, 2015

DAY 2,    7th March, 2015

We start the day in Sligo. The weather is grim, dark cloud, poor light but no rain !

We first checked out the Garvoge River, in Doorly Park, ''nothing'' !
We followed down river to the industrialised areas that allowed views of the river, ''nothing'' !
Ending up again sitting in Doorly Park, in dismal conditions waiting for something to happen, ''nothing'' !

11.30 hours, nothing, we head south for Galway,

on route, at Glenafosha

Whooper Swan, 67

Galway, the weather is same, awful,
We carry on out to Rossaveal

14.00 hours, Rossaveal Harbour,
the wind is strong with a chill factor, the sky is black cloud, same awful !

but there are ''GULLS''

Iceland Gull, juvenile, 3
Iceland Gull, 2nd winter, 1
Iceland Gull, adult, 1

Glaucous Gull, juvenile, 1

Little Gull, 1

Wind up the ISO's and try for a photo, ISO 1250,  1/1250 sec at f4

Glaucous Gull, juvenile

Iceland Gull, juvenile

Iceland Gull, 2nd winter

Iceland Gull, adult winter

Little Gull, 2nd winter

16.10 hours, its ''give up'' time.

We head south towards Cork, tomorrow it's Ballycotton Pier for the Laughing Gull,
(now may be an adult ?
and the weather forecast for Ballycotton is ''GOOD''

Arrive Cork c19.15, Travel Lodge ''fully booked'', all local hotels ''fully booked'', something about a big football match !
All hotels in Ballycotton ''fully booked'', something about a road running race !

c.20.30 hours we book into a Cork Airport Hotel, I forget how much, evening meal
and the boys enjoyed ''2 pints of Guinness''

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