Monday, 30 March 2015

CALIFORNIA for GULLS, 14th February - 22nd February, 2015 ........ ''DAY 4''


Day 4,   18/2/2015

Russian River, Jenner, 10.00 hours

Thayer's Gull, 1st winter

American Herring Gull, 1st winter

American Herring Gull, adult

California Gull, adult

Glaucous-winged Gull, 1st winter

Western Gull, adult

We moved on 20 minutes south back to
Salmon Creek,

Like yesterday, the most of Gull was on the other side of the Creek

Richard and Mick, over the creek,
''papping Gulls''

I looked at the speed and volume of water coming down the creek,
I was sure it was deeper than yesterday and a faster current ! It was racing !
a loss of footing and one would have been 100 metres out in the Pacific surf. !

Not for me !   I seen enough Gulls these past 4 days

I kept my shoes and socks on,

California Gull, adult

I retreated to the car park to admire the

White-crowned Sparrow

Richard returning cross the Creek, the tide had come in a bit !
Wow ! that was deeper ! !

Mick looks a bit ''tense''.    Hang on to that camera Mick!

Mick looks a bit ''happier''.      He knows he's Ok'now ! !

Morning session over we head off to Colusa NWR, for a bit of ''birding''

Tomorrow, we head south on the return leg of the trip, to take in Lake Merrit and San Fransisco 

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