Sunday, 15 March 2015

''IRELAND for GULLS'' Trip, 8th March, 2015 DAY 3, Ballycotton and Youghal Harbours.

 ''IRELAND for GULLS'' Trip, 6th, 7th & 8th March, 2015

March 8th,  DAY 3,  Ballycotton and Youghal Harbours.

We started the day at Ballycotton Harbour, we find out that there is a 10 mile ''road race'', a big local event scheduled to start at 13.00 hours. They are all ready putting up the hot dogs stalls into position, traffic is restricted !

At the harbour, perfect light, a superb day,
an hour with no sighting of the Laughing Gull !

We are concerned about being trapped in Ballycotton so we get out by 10.00 hours and head off to nearby Youghal Harbour.

at Youghal Harbour, Iceland Gull, juvenile, 2

Iceland Gull, juvenile

At 12.00 hours we headed into Cork, checked out a location, to many people and no gulls !

Only one option left, back to Nimmo's, to finish the day off !

Ring-billed Gull

Common Gull

Hooded Crow


17.30 hours, we head for Shannon Airport, 21.15 flight to Stansted, drop Shaun off home at 00.15 hours, Mick off 15 mins later and me home by 01.00 hours

a simply superb weekend !

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