Saturday 18 February 2012

Kumlien's Gull, Dover, Kent, 18/2/2012

Dull start to the day, briefly the light came but by noon, back to dull cloud, then rain to finish the afternoon early.

M.S., Kevin and myself started the day arriving Dover at 08.30 hours hoping to see if a 2nd winter Kumlien's Gull that had been seen around area for the last 2 weeks was still about.

We walked out only 100 meters on to Admiralty Pier, immediately the Kumlien's Gull is spotted.

Kumlien's Gull, 2nd winter

The Kumlien's gave an excellent flight display in the strong wind.

Met up with MC and Adam, only a brief chat, then the Kumliens's Gull re-appeared for a few more photo's

Also seen

Herring Gulls
Black-headed Gulls
Rock Pipit

By 12.30 hours, the sky came very overcast, we took a drive from Rye through to Sandwich Bay, stopping briefly at the Restharrow Scrape,

Curlew, 8
Wigeon, Shovellor, Mallard, Teal
Little Grebe, 1

The weather deteriorated, an early finish and on our way home by 15.00 hours.

Saturday 11 February 2012

Nimmo's Pier, Galway, Ireland, 6/2/2012

The sky is grey cloud, looks like rain coming, by 10.00 hours it was light rain.

08.00 hours, we started our day at Nimmo's Pier, the tide was out, less gulls today.

Kumlien's, 1
Iceland Gull, 1st winter, 5
Iceland Gull, adult winter, 1

The weather was not for photography, so we decided to drive up the coast to see if we could find anything new ourselves.

On route, we stopped at several coastal locations, adding to our seen list

Ringed Plover
Bar-tailed Godwit
Great Tit, Dunnock and Greenfinch

12.30 hours saw us back at Nimmo's Pier. Now the sky has cleared a bit. We came to see GULLS, here we go again with the photos ! !

 Late afternoon, a bonus bird, in the harbour mouth, a Great Northern Diver

Also the Corvids

A big shout to M.S. for organising and all the driving he put in, Cheers Mick, the next two photos were taken especially FOR YOU ! !  Happy birthday on this day.

We ended the day at Nimmo's about 17.30 hours, drove to Shannon Airport, flew in to Stanstead and I dropped the chaps of at 11.45 hours.

This trip was cracking GULL education for me.  100/100

Friday 10 February 2012

Ardglass, County Down, Northern Ireland, 5/2/2012

The weather is very overcast and grey.

We left the B&B at Downpatrick at 08.00 hours for the 7 mile drive to Ardglass Harbour.
On route we saw

Great White Egret
Common Buzzard

We arrived Ardglass about 08.30 hours, the tide was in, walking around the harbour area and marina all morning, the grey cloud stayed with us, it was not good for taking photos, I spent a bit of time waiting for a Black Guillemot in the Marina to come close enough for a photo, when it eventually did, it would not turn round for the pose. A Black Redstart was by the Marina gate. Birds seen for the list

Black Redstart
Black Guillemot
Brent Geese, Dark-bellied
Brent Geese, Pale-bellied
Golden Plover

 Black Guillemot

 Black Redstart

In the harbour,

Iceland Gull, adult winter 2
Iceland Gull, 1st winter, 10
Kumlien's, 4
Glaucous Gull, 2
Common Gull
Kittiwake, several
Great Black-backed Gull
Black-headed Gull

Razorbill, 1
Shag, 1

Midday, the light is getting better, I start to take a few photos, GULLS was what this trip was all about.

Kevin called Ross's Gull, as we both stood on the far end of the harbour wall, he picked it up as it flew from our left hand view across the harbour, passing us, I was to slow to get on to it, small, fast, my fleeting glimpse was of no detail as it disappeared in the distance to our right.  Very pleasing was Kevins excitement and hearing him give the detail description of what he had seen. Nice one Kev !

Iceland Gull, adult winter

Iceland Gull, adult winter

Iceland Gull, adult winter

Iceland Gull, adult winter



Great Black-backed Gull


 Iceland Gull, adult winter

 Iceland Gull, adult winter

 Iceland Gull, adult winter






17.30 hours, the light goes, photos finished,   '' WHAT A DAY ''.

There has been just so much activity, so much to see.

DC, it was excellent to meet you, I do enjoy 'the crac' but also to let you know, ARDGLASS, this day goes down as 'one top birding day out for me', I hope to return one day !

Into the car around 18.00 hours for a long 140 mile drive, 'who cares', back to Galway, Ireland. Arriving at the Travel Lodge, Galway around 22.00 hours.

On location for Day 4 tomorrow !