Tuesday 11 February 2020

Lake Herastrau, Bucharest, Romania, 8/2/2020

Friday, 7th February, 15.00 hours, Ryanair, Stanstead - Bucharest - a Taxi - 22.00 hours arrival at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, a 5 minute walk to Lake Herastrau.

Saturday, 8th, 07.30 hours, -7*C, perfect still sunny morning, from the north east side, sun behind you, the ice stretched out to the centre of the lake, the edge of the ice, c100 metres distance

On the edge of the ice
100+ Caspian Gull, all ages
100+ Yellow legged Gull, all ages

in a separate roost on the edge of ice
1000+ Black headed Gull

10.30 hours, for no obvious reason, all large Gulls took off and headed NE away from the lake !

Walking around the lake,
Hooded Crow, everywhere.

Pygmy Cormorant

14.00 hours some 20+ large gulls had returned to the edge of the ice

This Pygmy Cormorant was fishing close in, it's  high activity attracted some Caspian Gull, who flew in briefly to ''rob'' the PC of its catch. My only close photo opportunities of the day.

17.00 hours, a taxi back to airport for 22.30 flight home.

A ''Brilliant Day out for Caspian Gull observation'' / lovers.